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CAREL VENDOME SANDALS Patent Leather Sandals black.

Vendome is the new sandal of Carel. The graphic lines are inspired by the 70s. The architectural heel, developed exclusively for Carel, gives structure to the lines of this sandal. An overflowing welt emphasizes the square board and finishes the resolutely modern lines of this shoe.Two Carel signature starps allow the sandal to be adjusted on the instep. 

Patent Leather.

Leather Sole.

Leather Lining.

Lacquered heel.

Leather Working Group Silver certified upper leather.

Heel 9.5 cm.

Size, 36-40.

CAREL VENDOME SANDALS Patent Leather Sandals black.

  • Our patent leather shoes are already waterproof treated. Patent leather is a material that requires regular maintenance.
    Place raw wooden shoe trees, ideally made of beech wood in your shoes to absorb moisture.
    Keep them away from dust and any source of heat, storaged in a furniture or a shoe box.
    Clean, moisturize and polish them once or twice a month (! leather cream is forbidden !).
    Do not expose them to heat sources such as hair dryers or radiators; the leather may crack.

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