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AMAMBAIH Manuela Wedge Sandals arena.

 A symphony of colors. An explosion of light. Each Amambaih creation tells a story of the rich heritage, traditional artisanry and unyielding passion that imbues it. Unique, sculptural creations inspired by a desire to bring about change. Designed in Paris. Woven in Paraguay. 

 Hand-crafted in Spain by uniquely talented artisans

Size, 36-40.


















AMAMBAIH Manuela Wedge Sandals arena.

  • Upper: 100% Fabric.
    Lining: 100% Leather.
    Heel Height: 6 cm.
    Height platform (front): 9 cm.
    Outsole: 100% natural rubber.
    Fastening:  Fabric and cotton ankle strap.

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